INDIAN SPACE RESEARCH ORGANISATION – space technology in the service of human kind

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the indian space research organisation (ISRO) is the primary body for space research under the controle of the government of india,and one of the major space research organisations in the world.It was established in nits modern form in 1969 as a result of co-ordinated efforts initiated earlier.
Over the years isro has condocted a variety of operations for both indian and foreign clients,isro’s satellite launch capability is mostly provided by indigenous launch vehicle and launch sites.In 2008 ISRO soccesfully launched it’s first lunar probe , CHANDRATAAN-1 while future plans include indigenous developement of GSLV ,manned space mission further lunar exploration and inter planetary probes.ISRO has several field installations as assests and co-operates with the international community as a part of sevaral bilateral and multilatterl agreements.
The indian space program was driven by the vision of Dr.Vikram Sarabhai considered as the father of Indian Space Program.
ISRO’S first indian sattelite ARYABHATTA launched in April 19,1975.
For the past 4 decades ISRO has launched 60 satellites for various scientific and technological applications like mobile communication,Direct to home services,meteorological observations,telemedicine,teli-education,disaster warning,radio networking,search and rescue operations,remote sensing and scientific studies of the space.


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