We have the power to make ourselves

creating yourself

creating yourself


About the alchemist

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase each other doesn't make any sense. ~Rumi
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13 Responses to We have the power to make ourselves

  1. This is great! May I repost?

  2. kmabarrett says:

    Interesting insights.
    I am not sure I agree 100%, but the optimist in me hopes that final “value” is determined by self-choice and self-creation.
    I “fear” the universe is not so ambivalent / neutral OR positive in our lives, though.
    I believe Napolean said that luck favors the audacious and this has as much influence in the course of our lives – hence, we feel we can “make” ourselves. We want to believe we are making a difference.
    As history is written by those who try and succeed, it is difficult to fault the lives of those who try equally hard, yet who do not “succeed”. For certainly, there are more of the latter than the former.

  3. thank you for liking one of my post and for following 🙂
    thank you for sharing this post its inspiring.

  4. egoinvenio says:

    The power is inside every man !! Love it and thanks for sharing your views !!

  5. Thank you for the ‘like’. I enjoyed reading this post. I agree with everything I read. On self choice..well, for me..that is art and how I may create..(in the face of fated universal flow)..then my ability and inspiration, the latter making for the best of times..value? For me it is a resolve that is peaceful..to any quest..question or situation in live..Peace Tony

  6. A skilled hunter with poor luck may not take a deer. An unskilled hunter with good luck may not take a deer. But a skilled hunter with good luck will take the deer. The sun shines on both hunters irrespective of their skills. It takes no sides as to whom is the more deserving, no matter that one hunter worked on his skills and the other didn’t.

    While our choices certainly do effect our destiny, there are unknown factors outside ourselves that have no bearing on our personal histories that sometime come into play. What those forces are, well, thats another infinite question probably never to be answered.

    • arvind yadav says:

      your point is right luck helps only those who help them selves and a man who is trained and work constantly without thinking of the result will always win this is a universal truth…

  7. Alex Jones says:

    Good post, once the picture of the goal is in the mind, then the hard work of doing can manifest that goal as a reality.

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